Grip launches frozen and refrigerated fulfillment services after helping deliver $1 billion worth of consumer goods in its first year.

Grip, the leader provider of dynamic cold chain technology, is today launching fulfillment services, leveraging Grip’s advanced modeling to provide eCommerce brands with an all-in-one turnkey shipping solution customized to their unique needs.

The complexities of logistics, including navigating unexpected weather events, multiple carrier relationships, and major delays can consume the resources and time of brands and quickly erase profit margins. In the world of frozen fulfillment, packages that arrive late and in poor condition can result in customer and inventory loss, as well as expensive reships.

Grip provides eCommerce brands with world-class technology which uses advanced modeling and millions of data sets to automatically determine in real time the best carriers, shipping facilities, refrigerant amount, and box size for every single package based on dynamic network conditions including weather and on-time delivery rates.

Since launching its technology platform a year ago, Grip has ensured the safe and on-time delivery of more than $1 billion worth of perishable eCommerce goods while saving brands more than 30% in shipping costs and reducing shipping failure rates by 25%.

In addition to accessing regional and national carrier partnerships with discounted rates, clients are able to improve their margins, increase the lifetime value of customers, and reduce their environmental footprint by making dynamic shipping decisions based on live network conditions.

With the launch of fulfillment centers in Texas, Florida, New Jersey and California, Grip will now leverage its leading technology to not only calculate the best carrier, service, refrigerant, packaging and route for goods, but also provide a highly efficient, multi-node fulfillment service based on customer specific needs.

Grip was founded by former ButcherBox executives Juan Meisel and Jimmy Cooper who helped scale the meat delivery subscription from $0 to $600 million revenue by overcoming the company’s logistics and data challenges before realizing other eCommerce brands desperately needed dynamic shipping software.

“Most brands still ship their products the same way they have for decades, but there’s a better way. Perishable DTC brands need a logistics partner who can provide them with a world-class dynamic shipping solution that allows them to better serve their customers and increase margins,” said Juan Meisel, CEO and co-founder of Grip. 

“The launch of fulfillment services means Grip can provide our clients with an all-in-one logistics solution to help them unlock growth and focus on what they do best: creating incredible products.”

About Grip Shipping, Inc.

Grip is a leading provider of dynamic cold chain technology that enables DTC companies to master their logistics within a single platform. Leading eCommerce brands use Grip to reduce their shipping costs and slash failure rates. Using millions of different datasets, Grip’s innovative technology allows brands to make dynamic decisions based on changing conditions; meaning the delivery of each package is optimized to meet the promised delivery window in perfect condition. Grip is headquartered in Miami and backed by investors including Soma Capital, Western Technology Investment and top industry players with 100+ years of industry experience. Follow Grip on LinkedIn or visit