How Grip helped Rise & Puff’s fulfillment rise to the occasion

“I have been very impressed with the team and approach at Grip. Their domain knowledge, professionalism and approach to scale is first rate.”

Phil Summe, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Rise & Puff
The customer

Rise & Puff was founded in 2022 and produces delicious gourmet tortillas made with just four simple, clean ingredients.

Founded by Mark Shaw and Philip Summe and based in Menlo Park, California, Rise & Puff’s recipes are created by a James Beard Award-winning chef and were recently featured in Bon Appétit magazine!

The problem

Rise & Puff’s products are available in stores nationwide but the company also has a popular direct to consumer operation with nationwide shipping and a subscription offering weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly deliveries.

Because their products are perishable, Rise & Puff’s shipments have to arrive to the customer on time and in perfect condition, but when shipping is not dynamically managed, it results in wasting money on extra refrigerant when it’s not needed or risking spoilage by not using enough refrigerant when the temperatures are high.

Similarly, managing so many different nationwide orders and subscriptions requires an absolute understanding of inventory stores at different fulfillment centers and knowing how many weeks of product your company has on hand.

The solution

At Grip, we built a smart logistics engine to give perishable DTC brands like Rise & Puff real-time visibility and better control over their operations. 

Our powerful dashboard leverages over 25 million data points and analyzes factors such as temperature, major weather events and carrier performance to provide package-by-package shipping recommendations. This level of insight was not previously available for most DTC brands shipping perishable products.

Grip’s platform saves our partners up to 30% in shipping costs by recommending the correct packaging and shipping based on real-time conditions and the most cost effective routes. Businesses also reduce spoilage rates by up to 25% after onboarding with Grip.

Paired with our fulfillment centers, Grip is able to personalize the amount of dry ice and gel packs in each Rise & Puff order calculated based on each customer zip code’s distance from the closest Grip fulfillment center.

“I have been very impressed with the team and approach at Grip,” says Phil Summe, Rise & Puff’s co-founder and co-CEO. “Their domain knowledge, professionalism and approach to scale is first rate.”

Grip’s four state-of-the-art temperature controlled facilities provide DTC brands with nationwide fulfillment coverage and increases their ability to deliver packages to customers within 24 hours. 

In fact, 60% of packages sent through Grip’s fulfillment network arrive within one day, while the remaining 40% arrive within 48 hours.

By partnering with Grip, Rise & Puff’s team is able to get real time visibility and better control over their operations, while knowing exactly how many weeks on hand it has for their different SKUs.

Grip takes the stress and guesswork out of logistics for fast-growing eCommerce businesses, allowing them to scale with ease.