How Grip helps flower delivery companies navigate the crush of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a time of romance, love, and, of course, flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. For flower delivery companies, this special day brings the daunting task of ensuring each bouquet reaches its recipient in perfect condition and right on time. This is no easy task, and with the cold winter period bringing blizzards and other unpredictable weather events, it’s important to ensure no nasty logistical challenges put a dampener on love. 

Meeting such high but short-term demand of this delicate freight requires accurate planning by all parties involved in a complex supply chain. Here’s how Grip’s industry-leading technology platform helps its flower delivery clients survive the Valentine’s Day rush.


In the world of flower delivery, timing is everything. The extremely delicate nature of flowers means that they must be preserved at a constant temperature until their final destination. A bouquet of flowers that arrives damaged or in perfect condition on February 15 can burn that relationship with the customer and all of the money you spent on marketing.

Much like Cyber Monday, it’s logistics, not marketing, that kills perishable DTC brands on Valentine’s Day. If you’re not adapting to variables like weather and carrier performance, then you aren’t addressing the biggest threat to your business.

Grip specializes in complex cold chain deliveries, including the delivery of frozen produce, human grade pet food, medication and, of course, flowers. Grip’s powerful technology platform uses millions of data sets to identify the best possible route, carrier service and packaging needed to ensure that every bouquet of red roses arrives perfectly.

Companies that work with Grip experience a 30% reduction in shipping costs and a 25% reduction in shipping failure rates.

If a regional carrier within Grip’s carrier network has better on time delivery rates than a national carrier, Grip’s will recommend using that carrier and will also provide companies with a preferential rate. When you plug into Grip, you plug into Grip’s network that gives you access to carriers you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

Having a logistics partner with advanced weather forecasting technology also means that flower deliveries will always arrive with minimal disruptions. Grip’s platform measures temperature and monitors for weather events to predict logistics disruptions.

By partnering with Grip, flower delivery companies can rest assured that their precious cargo will be handled with the utmost care and attention on the most important day of the year.


In the United States, around 60% of Valentine’s Day roses are flown into Miami. But that’s only half of the journey.

Once the flowers are imported into Miami, they have to be distributed across the country in perfect conditions of between 34-37 degrees. Not a simple task, especially if your company is getting orders from every state and each of those states have different weather conditions on February 14.

Not only do florists have to manage inventory, they also need to make sure that they are able to store the flowers at the ideal temperature and then transport them to the end recipient in perfect condition.

When working with Grip, flower delivery companies only need to enter into the system the location of the final recipient and the delivery date in order for Grip’s shipping engine to recommend the best carrier, fulfillment location, shipping rate and packaging needed to keep the bouquet in perfect condition and on time.

Flower companies are also able to input information like the maximum amount of time the flowers can be in transit and Grip’s advanced technology will find the optimized route and shipping service.

Grip advanced tracking and monitoring systems also provide real-time visibility into the shipping process, giving flower delivery companies and their customers peace of mind. From the moment a bouquet is picked up to its final delivery, every step of the journey is meticulously tracked, ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage. This level of transparency not only enhances customer trust but also allows flower delivery companies to proactively address any potential issues that may arise, thereby minimizing disruptions and maximizing customer satisfaction.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, the pressure is on for flower delivery companies to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. With Grip’s advanced technology, flower delivery companies can rise to the occasion with confidence, knowing that they have a reliable partner by their side to help them navigate the crush of Valentine’s Day.

With Grip as a trusted partner at every step of the shipping and fulfillment process, flower companies can focus on what they do best – creating beautiful arrangements that capture the essence of Valentine’s Day.

Grip is revolutionizing the flower delivery industry with its innovative solutions tailored for perishable items. By offering specialized handling, flexibility, scalability, advanced tracking, and comprehensive support services, Grip Shipping empowers flower delivery companies to meet the demands of Valentine’s Day with ease and efficiency.