We are Grip. The future of eCommerce shipping for perishable products is here.

The logistics industry has changed. Grip is helping eCommerce companies optimize their shipping and unlock explosive growth.

I grew up in Colombia helping my father in our family’s distribution business. At the age of 12, I would climb up the mountains of boxes, placing labels on them and ending my days sweaty and satisfied with $5 in my pocket. This was my first brush with the world of hard work, operations, and logistics.

In my early twenties, I was confronted with how difficult logistics can be when I set out to create the South American equivalent of Amazon but was quickly foiled by the headaches of poorly established transportation networks and payment processing systems. 

A few years later, when I was living in Boston, I joined ButcherBox as part of the early team, a company that would become America’s largest DTC meat delivery service with an annual revenue of more than $500 million. Again, I found myself in a sea of logistics, shipping, and operations challenges.

At ButcherBox, each year we spent millions of dollars creating systems to help us manage our shipments, and even had employees refreshing the weather page nonstop to see weather systems happening across the US that could throw one of our deliveries into chaos. 

Direct to consumer companies operate on thin margins and there is little room for error. Logistics is a crucial but often overlooked part of a company’s survival and when it comes to perishable goods, a late delivery or damaged product can destroy your customer relationship and burn the money you spent to get them to become a customer.

Grip is the product I wish we had when helping scale ButcherBox, and that’s why we built it. Our technology empowers direct to consumer eCommerce brands that ship frozen or refrigerated goods by pulling in millions of different datasets and presenting our customers with the most efficient shipping variables and conditions for every single package.

By working with Grip, our customers have reduced failure rates by 25% and cut shipping costs 30%. These are massive improvements to their bottom line, and oftentimes mean becoming profitable.

We have ensured the safe and on-time delivery of $1 billion worth of goods and today, I am proud to announce we are expanding our offering to include end-to-end perishable fulfillment with four fulfillment centers around the United States: Florida, Texas, California, and New Jersey.

By working with Grip, eCommerce brands have a logistics partner that runs their operations and logistics, and allow them to focus on the important things: growing their revenue and creating awesome products.

The logistics industry is evolving, but it still has a long way to go. By monitoring carrier performance, weather events, delivery dates and what packages are running late, we are able to make dynamic decisions when it comes to fulfillment and shipping operations so our customers can cut costs and keep their customers happy. 

Our mission is to empower DTC brands to reach their full potential by giving them best in class logistics technology. We’re fortunate to have some of the country’s most innovative companies as customers on this journey.

I’m proud of our team for always being customer obsessed and I am excited to see how we will grow together in 2024.

If you’re interested in our mission of helping perishable eCommerce brands reach their full potential, join our team. If you’re a brand looking to work with the best partner in the space, get in touch with us.

Juan C. Meisel.
Founder & CEO